Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Storytelling Exercise

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Each student will make a presentation of 5-7 minutes, and time will be strictly limited. The task of the presentation is to tell a story so as to either engender sympathy or antipathy for the subject of the story.

You will be graded on your presentation based on your use of the methods taught in this class. We will look for an articulation of ethos, logos and pathos, for example.

You may tell the story of an individual who is fairly well known (of your choosing). You may do any fact research you feel is necessary. It is allowable (and perhaps best) to limit yourself to one story from the person’s life, rather than trying to tell their entire life story. It is up to you whether to portray the subject in a positive or negative way. Your goal, of course, is to make us feel a certain way about your subject. Only use one of the following to discuss.

REMEMBER that the point of the exercise is storytelling, not argument.

A sign-up sheet for times to do the exercise will be available on Wednesday, March 24, on Prof. Osler's door.

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